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       $1.00 for every sale will be donated to the school for the blind.

Help another fisherman enjoy fishing again.

Why choose EZ Fishhooks® ?

Fishermen have been confronted with threading the eyelet of a fishing hook or tying a fishing line knot due to poor eyesight, shaky hands, lack of light, poor weather conditions and/or boat movement caused by rough waters. In fishing tournaments, it used to take valuable time to thread the fishing hook or tie a knot in the fishing line and made less time to catch fish. There was a need for a faster and easier way of threading the fishing hook and attaching the fishing line to the fishing hook, and now

EZ Fishhooks® has solved that problem.

Snap & Go

Just slip-snap fishing line through EZ Fishhooks® eyelet opening, tie fishing line knot and go fishing. Easy, fast, fun.

How It Works

Having trouble threading you fish hook?

EZ Fishhooks® can fix that problem.

Here is how it works: The fishing line is merely snapped into the eyelet through a tiny opening that holds the line tight within the eyelet. If the opening is too large, theoretically the line will slip out. If the opening is too small, the opening will weaken the line strength. EZ Fishhook LLC has designed the ideal size of the opening into the eyelet to hold the line securely, without slipping and without damaging the line.

# 8 EZ Fishhook® Just right for Pan, Small, & Ice fishing

# 4/0 EZ Fishhook® Great for Large Mouth Bass,

Catfish,Walleye, Smaller Salmon


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